Simon_BkSimon’s New York Rules of Professional Conduct Annotated

The brand new 2018 edition, by Professor Roy Simon and Frankfurt Kurnit’s Nicole Hyland, consists of more than 2,000 pages of commentary concerning the New York Rules, including a phrase-by-phrase analysis of each rule, plus summaries of related ethics opinions and cases, historical context, underlying policies, and practical advice. The 2018 edition analyzes scores of new cases, ethics opinions, and other developments critical to New York practice. It’s the legal ethics bible for all New York-area lawyers. To purchase, click here.



Need Help with an Ethics Question?

Two of the most active ethics committees in New York offer hotline assistance. These hotlines are available to attorneys admitted to practice in New York State who have questions about their own prospective conduct under the New York Rules of Professional Conduct.

The New York City Bar Association’s Ethics Hotline is staffed by volunteers from NYCBA’s Committee on Professional Ethics. Please review the guidelines on the NYCBA’s website before calling the hotline to make sure that your question falls within the Committee’s jurisdiction: To be referred to a hotline volunteer, call the City Bar’s customer service number at 212-382-6663.

The New York County Lawyers Association’s Ethics Hotline is staffed by volunteers from NYCLA’s Committee on Professional Ethics. To reach the volunteer on duty for a particular week, please refer to the information on the NYCLA website: Please review the guidelines on NYCLA’s website before calling the hotline.



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nysba  New York State Bar Association




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